7 reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter


Whether you’re ready to fill the pages of your newly designed website or want to put together a promotional brochure or digital marketing campaign, you’ll need words. Easy, you might think. I’m a pretty good writer; I’ll give it a go.

Before you do, here are seven good reasons why outsourcing to a professional copywriter is money well spent.

1. It will save you time and stress

Why spend time painstakingly putting words together, when you can take the pressure off yourself and hire a professional who can turn it around quickly and efficiently?

Producing copy is an involved process. If you, or another staff member, are trying to write alongside the demands of your day-to-day job, you’ll put yourself under unnecessary pressure and end up with something messy. Instead, leave it to a professional. We’ll take on the responsibility and give it 100% of our time and focus.

2. Your words will scream credibility

Whatever business you’re in, quality communications are paramount. If your copy is poorly written, inappropriately structured, or full of language errors, potential and existing customers will question your credibility. The result? A loss of trust and an increased likelihood that they will buy or do business elsewhere.

Professional copywriters live and breathe the written word. Not only have we spent years honing our skills, but – the good ones at least – have a continued commitment to keeping up with writing and marketing trends to ensure their copy is both spot-on and current.

3. You will better engage with your customers

If you know your business inside out, you’ll be able to explain who you are, what you do, and describe the unique features of your product or service. But if this is all you cover in your marketing copy, it just won’t cut it.

To sell yourself effectively, you need to do more than simply inform. You also need to engage and persuade. How do you do this? By getting to the heart of what your customers really want, understanding their motivations for buying, and turning your features into real benefits.

Us copywriters love people psyche and have mastered this art of subtle persuasion. We will beaver away until we have crafted clever, relevant copy that taps into these base needs.

4. Your business will see results

Copy isn’t just there to fill a page – it’s there for a specific purpose: to help you promote and grow your business. A professional copywriter has not only mastered the art of persuading and engaging an audience but also does sufficient market and competitor research so they can better deliver on your goals.

Because they are informed, our words are better crafted to drive action – to prompt people to find out more about your business or make that purchase. If spending money on a copywriter is stopping you from hiring one, you need to think about the long-term benefits. Put your trust and cash into us, and you will see a return.

5. You can strengthen your brand

Professional copywriters can help you establish and promote a brand by crafting effective headlines, taglines, and advertising copy. But we can also help build and strengthen your brand by working with you to create a unique tone of voice that can be applied consistently across your communications.

What is a tone of voice? Put simply; it’s your company personality communicated through language. It reflects who you are and what you stand for. If you’re a fun, quirky business, a copywriter will communicate this using informal and playful language. If you’re formal but friendly, we’ll make it professional but not stiff.

6. You get a fresh perspective

Bringing in an outside copy professional delivers an instant breath of fresh air. While you may already have an idea of what you want to write on your website or leaflet, a copywriter – new to your business – can offer a fresh perspective that can help you take your copy in a more effective direction.

In addition, an independent copywriter can stand back and look at your existing copy objectively and critically. We are better placed to identify flaws in your current marketing communications as we don’t have the professional blindness, which unfortunately comes from being too close to your business.

7. You can benefit from additional expertise

One of the best things about us professional copywriters is that we don’t just write compelling words. Many of us, through our years of experience, are also skilled marketing communicators. We can edit existing copy, advise on appropriate channels, source images, and even offer assistance when it comes to design.

A good copywriter today also knows a thing or two about SEO. We can craft copy that not only hits brief but also pleases the Google gods.

Effective copy is a tough nut to crack. Even us hardened wordsmiths, who know all the techniques, still sweat when it comes to getting the words right. So give yourself permission to hand your pen over to a professional copywriter, and you and your business will reap the benefits.

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