Accountancy/financial advice


Brand copy, website copy, blogs

Creative Partners

Ronnoco, Zimple


I already know the business owners, so was pleased when Steve, one of the directors, reached out for help with creating content for their new website and refreshed brand.


They wanted me to write the copy to fill their new website (approx. 15 pages). The site had already been designed by the digital agency Zimple. Maxim also wanted help writing their internal brand copy so they could communicate their values and mission to the team.


After initial meetings with the directors, Zimple, and creative agency Ronnoco, I collected relevant information and did competitor and industry research. The headline ‘At Maxim, Business is Personal ‘ had been agreed, so the brand and web copy was written to reflect this. The sign-off process involved managing multiple stakeholder input.

I recently started working with the Maxim team again, writing blog content and socials.

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