Keyword research, SEO website copywriting


RKR Concrete is a local Redhead NSW-based company specialising in high-end concreting, formwork and formwork sales and hires.


Kale Hibberd, RKR’s Construction Manager, contacted me as they wanted content for a brand website. At that point, they didn’t have an existing online presence. They wanted concise content for 10 pages that highlighted their expertise and promoted the new formwork sales and hire side of their business.


After completing the discovery stage, including calls and questionnaires to get a deep understanding of their business, I researched keywords for each page to identify target long-tail keywords. The copy highlights the quality of their works and their projects, e.g., The homepage copy begins ‘Solid foundations. Mighty curves. Suspended slabs. Polished finishes.’ It also includes client testimonials and supplier logos to boost credibility.

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