Whatever you need, I’ve got the words.

Want someone to write your company blog? After some persuasive copy for your next brochure? Building a new website or revising your current one but stuck for words?

Whatever type of copywriting services you’re after, I can help you create just the right words to attract, engage, and win over your audience.

Copywriting isn’t just an art; it’s also a science. This means that the words I choose are based on psychology, data, and lots of brainstorming and research. Plus, they’re always crafted with your goals in mind.

My writing style is simple, straightforward, and conversational, but I can adapt my tone and approach to suit you and your business. From finance to travel to health, I’ve done it.

Some copywriting science.

You not me.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their copy is talking about themselves. The reality is, people aren’t really interested in you and your business – other than in terms of your credentials – they’re interested in what you can do for them.

My job as a copywriter is to get to the heart of your business and what you offer. I figure out what your customers or clients want and show them, with words, how your products or services meet those needs, and why you are the best at meeting them.

The trust factor.

Would you trust someone you had never met? Chances are, probably not. That’s because trust has to be earned. And, the same is true in business. People won’t buy or work with a company they don’t know or have confidence in.

How do you build this confidence? One way is through the words you use. This means being authentic, developing a rapport with the reader, and demonstrating your expertise through your copy – instead of just telling people how great your products or services are.

You also need to make sure your copy is accurate and error-free. After all, it’s hard to have confidence in a business with a website or blog full of spelling or grammar errors.

SEO copywriting.

Want your website or digital content to rank higher in Google? You need the right keywords (or, rather, keyphrases) in your copy. These are the words your customers or clients type in the search box when they’re looking for information, products, and services.

Not only can I help you figure out what your keyphrases are, but I can infuse them into your copy (without stuffing) to push you further up the search results pages and drive more traffic. But, SEO copywriting also involves a bit more than this.

SEO copywriting also means ensuring you have the right amount of copy on the page, optimised meta tags (snippets of copy that describe a page’s content), and that you add text to your images – again something I can help you with.

Need help with your branding, graphic design, or building your website? I have a network of other creatives I can call on – just ask. It’s usually a good idea if we work together – that way, we can ensure the copy and design gel and do their job.

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