Industry cooperative


Brand refresh + SEO website copy


I was approached by The Measured Marketer (TMM) to help with a brand refresh of HunterNet РAustralia’s preeminent Industry organisation for leading industry collaboration and innovation.


The request was to firstly help with copywriting for a brand refresh. This included a new mission, vision, brand values, TOV, story, propositions and taglines for their three arms. The second part was to create 25-35 pages of SEO website copy for their new rebranded site, including providing a Keyword Report to identify page-by-page long-tail keywords.


The brand copywriting was based on significant research carried out by TMM, a discovery session with the HunterNet team, and a series of questionnaires. This helped in defining who they are and gave me what I needed to create a fresh brand framework.

The website copy also needed background work, including questionnaires and interviews. I developed the layout of the website content in line with UX principles and optimised all pages with long-tail keywords. The TOV was clear and conversational and shared their knowledge and successes. It also highlighted the people behind the co-op.

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