How to come up with a tagline for your business

There’s no hard and fast magic formula for creating taglines. Like anything in copywriting, it’s part art, part science. But there are definitely some tips and steps I can share.

5 tips to help you write better copy

A new client and all-round lovely human recently asked me if I’d like to come in and share my tips on how to write better copy with a group of small local businesses.

10 grammar rules you can definitely break

Grammar is set in stone, right? It’s either right or wrong. Well, so say prescriptivists, at least. These people are the English teacher who red pens your work with fury.

Is write as you speak actually good advice?

When it comes to advice on how to write well, there’s plenty of it out there. In fact, I just stopped typing to do a quick Google search and got back over 526,000,000 results on the subject.