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10 grammar rules you can definitely break

Grammar is set in stone, right? It’s either right or wrong. Well, so say prescriptivists, at least. These people are the English teacher who red pens your work with fury.

Is write as you speak actually good advice?

When it comes to advice on how to write well, there’s plenty of it out there. In fact, I just stopped typing to do a quick Google search and got back over 526,000,000 results on the subject.

Can a copywriter write about anything?

What do you need to look for in a copywriter? Good credentials? A portfolio of decent work? Testimonials from happy clients? Ideally, all of the above.

What is consistent copy? (And why consistency in writing matters)

This week I’m thinking about copy consistency. Well, to be more accurate, this week, I’m thinking about copy consistency a bit more than usual – as a copywriter and editor, it’s never far from my mind as it’s kind of necessary in this job.

Copywriter fees: what’s our time worth, anyway?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a potential client who’d seen my advert on Gumtree. She already had a writer she worked with but wanted to get someone else on board to help with a bulk of upcoming work.

10 steps to crafting click-worthy homepage copy

Did you know that you only have a matter of seconds to catch the attention of a visitor to your website before they make that all-important decision: stay to read more or click the back button?