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Whatever copy or content you need, I’ve got the words. Explore my copywriting services menu to find out more.

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Bring your brand to life with the power of words

Want someone to write your company blog? After some persuasive copy for your next brochure? Building a new website but lacking time or content know-how? I offer a full menu of copywriting services to help save you time and stress and deliver on your business goals.

Some copywriting science

To pack a punch, copy needs to get people reading, keep them engaged and spur them into action. Doing this is part art, part science. It involves tapping into psychological triggers, using data and doing lots of brainstorming and research.

People don’t want features, they want benefits. They don’t want jargon, they want stories and conversation. They don’t want sales, they want a solution. They also tend to scan rather than read every word. My copy takes all of this into account.

It's about them not you

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their copy is talking about themselves. The reality is, people aren’t interested in you. What they really want to know is how you can make their life better or easier. My job as a copywriter is to show them.

As well as picking your brains, I put myself in the shoes of your clients or customers to figure out their needs, wants and pain points. Using these insights, I then craft your copy so it speaks to them in a more emotive, action-provoking way.

My word menu.

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My creative + technical partners.

Want to make your words look pretty? I have a network of creative + technical partners, including designers, web developers and SEO experts who can make your brand shine.

My project process

Here’s what to expect when you work with me. It’s as easy as a,b,c 

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a. Briefing

When you first get in touch, I’ll ask you to complete a copywriting services brief. This helps me understand exactly what type of copy you’re after and find out a bit about you and your business. We can do this by email or on the phone.

b. Proposal

Depending on the size of your project, I’ll send you out a detailed proposal which summarises the specifics, including my costs. I’ll also send you my T&Cs. Have a read of these, so we’re on the same page.


c. Deposit

For projects over $1,000, I ask for an upfront payment of 50% of the final fee. Call it a little bit of security for both you and me.

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d. Discovery

Once you’ve signed the proposal and paid the deposit, I’ll contact you to go over your brief and ask some more questions. For larger projects, I arrange a ‘Discovery Meeting’. This involves me asking you questions about your business + objectives.

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e. Delivery

Now I have all the information I need, I’ll start writing the copy. How long it takes depends on the scope of the project and your deadlines. I’ll supply the first draft (D1) in a Word doc format, giving comments for explanation where needed.

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f. Revisions

My fee for copywriting services includes two rounds of revisions (D2 + D3) plus proofreading. If you want to make any changes or tweaks to the copy, now is the time to do it. When you’re 100% happy with the words, I’ll ask for your final sign-off and payment.

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