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Want to bring your brand or story to life on the screen or radio? I can turn concepts into captivating, perfectly-timed narratives.

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Give people + Google some video goodness

Videos are one of the most powerful selling tools. Humans love them and Google loves them. So, if you’re thinking about creating one (or many) you’ve made a smart decision. Now comes the hard part. Writing a video script that engages your audience and helps you reach your video content goals. Enter me, your video script copywriter.

What is a video script?

A video script outlines the dialogue, narration, and actions for a video. It serves as a blueprint, providing instructions for the actors, voice-over artists, and production team to follow during filming or editing.

My typical copywriting video script template includes copy, timings, and visual suggestions.

My audio + video script menu

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  • Corporate video scripts
  • Explainer video scripts
  • Product videos scripts
  • Promotional video scripts
  • Radio scripts

Meet your video script copywriter.

Hello, I’m Kerrie Brooks, and I’ve been copywriting for over 18 years.

During this time, I’ve worked as a video script copywriter on projects for a wide range of clients – from big national and international brands to smaller businesses just starting out. My strengths lie in my ability to create concise and engaging copy that’s able to tell a story through a mix of words and visuals. Working together, we can bring your brand to life.

Kerrie Brooks | Video script copywriter

Unsure who to contact to produce your video? Just ask and I’ll provide you with some reputable agencies in the industry.

My video script copywriting process.

Here’s what to expect when you work with me. It’s as easy as a,b,c.

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a. Discovery

Once you’ve filled in my initial Project Brief and signed the proposal, the ‘Discovery’ phase begins. To create the perfect video script, you’ll need to tell me about your vision, goals, business and audience so I can craft effective copy.

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b. Writing

After the Discovery phase, I’ll start doing my research and put my thinking cap on. I’ll combine my creativity with your strategy to craft strong copy. I’ll also add timings and suggested visuals. The outcome is a video that engages and motivates your target audience, boosting awareness and conversions.

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c. Revisions

Once your first draft is ready, I’ll send it to you for review. Now is your chance to give me feedback on your video script, check for accuracy, and suggest any changes. Once your script is in production, you may still be able to make changes if something needs adding or removing.

My word menu.

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