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Want a tagline and brand positioning that helps your business shine? I'm here to bring strategy and creativity to the process.

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Position yourself to stand out in today's competitive market

Whether you’re launching a new business or undergoing a rebrand, coming up with the perfect brand positioning and/or accompanying tagline isn’t easy. However, getting it right can be crucial to placing yourself in the market and attracting your target customers. Enter me, your creative and strategic brand messaging and tagline copywriter.

What is a business tagline?

A business tagline is a short catchphrase or slogan that sums up your business and positioning. It says a little more than your business name and should be written to complement it. Taglines should be simple, catchy, sell benefits and tell a story.

What is brand positioning copy?

Brand positioning copy is the strategic messaging and comms used to establish and differentiate your brand in the minds of customers. It involves creating a unique value proposition and conveying it through targeted language and content.

  • Mission + vision
  • Brand values
  • Brand personality
  • Elevator pitches

Meet your brand + tagline copywriter.

Hello, I’m Kerrie Brooks. I’ve been a conceptual brand copywriter for over 18 years.

I love the creative process involved in coming up with unique and strategic brand positioning copy and taglines. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, a local start-up or big national or international brand, I’ll work with you to tightly define your brand, messaging and audience and develop brand copy and/or a tagline that you love.

Kerrie Brooks | Tagline writer

Need a logo or branding to go with your brand positioning and/or tagline? I work with a network of partner creatives, branding agencies and logo designers.

My brand + tagline copywriting process

Here’s what to expect when you work with me. It’s as easy as a,b,c.

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a. Discovery

Once you’ve filled in my Project Brief and signed the proposal, the ‘Discovery’ phase begins. To come up with your brand positioning copy and tagline, I’ll need to dive into your business, including understanding your audience and ‘why’. For this, I typically send out a Discovery Questionnaire and follow up with a Zoom or phone call.

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b. Writing

After the Discovery phase is done and you’ve sent me through any additional information I’ve asked for, I’ll do a whole lot of competitor and industry research and then put my brand positioning and/or tagline copywriter hat on, and the creative process begins! I provide 3-6 tagline options for that we can hone and perfect.

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c. Revisions

Once your brand copy and/or business tagline options are ready, I’ll send them to you with justifications explaining each option. Now is your chance to give me your feedback and chat through what you like and don’t like. I’ll then go away, do some more creative work to refine and choose your favourites until we get it right.

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