Health + Medicine


Website copy, product descriptions, script, packaging, copyediting, proofreading


Jayne contacted me after finding me online as she wanted help writing her new website. She also wanted ongoing help with her other marcomms, including packaging, phone scripts and client emails.


The brief was to write content for a full 7-page website, which included a shop selling a range of beauty, health and veterinary compounding products. Jayne wanted the copy and messaging on the site to be clear, concise, consistent and appeal to both B2B and private clients across Asia.


The design for the website had already been started. Some copy had also been written, but it wasn’t very engaging or customer-focused. After gathering all of the information I needed and doing the background research, I produced the first draft for the main site then worked with Jayne to polish it. I later worked on the shop copy and continue to do ongoing work for ACP.

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